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Tampa wedding bandsWe are all about your big day and are known as the leading wedding band in Tampa, Florida. With an exceptional array of vocalists, artists and musicians, we deliver cherry-picked performances that are bound to wow your guests and you on your special day. It’s not only about the ceremony but party that follows on that makes the entire difference. We love to create the best memories for you to last forever.

Having performed at various galas, conventions, high-profile weddings and receptions, parties and after-parties along with some great weddings, we have come to become one the most thrilling wedding bands in Tampa. Danny Beck and his team have been delivering performances par excellence at different venues in and around Florida, keeping in tandem with the energy and melodic renditions the crowds expect. If you are looking for a fairytale musical experience at your reception, hire the best wedding band in Tampa to make that dream a reality. We present to you chosen wedding singers and troupes who make every wedding come to life with exuberant music and foot-stomping dance numbers to sway your guests off their feet.

If you are looking at adding a custom screen video or virtual effects or even a themed show, we are your one-stop solution to make all that happen. With an exceptional team of wedding bands in Tampa, guests can regale in an evening full of fun and laughter. You want to know more? Call us today on (561) 441-0961!